Mohammed Mursi’s Dangerous Gamble/Mursi Stakes Claim to Egypt’s Leadership, Prods Israel

A couple days old–

Mohammad Mursi seems to be dancing a dangerous solo act. Here’s a newly elected president with a slight majority of the Egyptian popular vote standing between two dominant powers: on one side the Egyptian Military Council, which still enjoys significant popular legitimacy (as witnessed by Ahmad Shafiq’s impressive electoral performance in June); and the US, which continues to subsidize the Egyptian government, military, and—with loan packages like the pending 4.8 billion IMF loan—the future prospects of the entire Egyptian economy as well.

(By Amaney Jamal, at The Monkey Cage.)

–but probably still relevant.

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi staked a claim for his country’s renewed leadership of the Arab world by calling for changes in the international economic system and indirectly challenging Israel for possessing a nuclear arsenal.

“The will of the people, especially in our region, no longer tolerates the continued non-accession of any country to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the non-application of the safeguards regime to their nuclear facilities, especially if this is coupled with irresponsible policies or arbitrary threats,” Mursi told the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York today.

(By Bloomberg News at the San Francisco Chronicle.)

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