The Day After: Responding to an Israeli Strike on Iran

To mitigate adverse consequences, Washington would need to take a number of steps before and after an Israeli strike, some of which might run counter to its instincts and preferences.

Although an Israeli military strike again Iran’s nuclear program is far from certain, the potential consequences for the United States are clear. Such a development would present major crisis-management challenges — and, perhaps, opportunities to advance U.S. interests.

The immediate challenge would be to limit escalation by constraining Tehran’s freedom to act, minimizing the damage caused by its retaliation, and keeping Hizballah and other Iranian proxies out of the fray. Moreover, by curbing Iran’s escalatory options in the Persian Gulf, Washington might prevent a prolonged spike in oil prices. This could in turn help preserve international support for efforts to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

From a “The Day After: Responding to an Israeli Strike on Iran” by Michael Eisenstadt at WINEP.

Struck me as interesting that he portrays Hezbollah as more independent from Iran than we normally do.


2 responses to “The Day After: Responding to an Israeli Strike on Iran

  1. I’ve got a Lebanese exchange officer in my class, good dude. There’s an awful lot of Hezbollah that we don’t understand. I suspect that it’s well known that they have a legitimate political wing that is actively involved in Lebanese politics, but I found it interesting that they actively cooperate with the Lebanese army – except on that touchy Israel issue.

  2. cool. i had no idea they actively cooperate, actually. like what?

    would be interested to know what he thinks about all of this, too.

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