Training Suspended for New Afghan Troops

The senior commander for Special Operations forces in Afghanistan has suspended training for all new Afghan recruits until the more than 27,000 Afghan troops working with his command can be re-vetted for ties to the insurgency.

[Numerous] military guidelines were not followed — by Afghans or Americans — because of concerns that they might slow the growth of the Afghan army and police, according to NATO officials.

Special Operations officials said that the current process for vetting recruits is effective but that a lack of follow-up has allowed Afghan troops who fell under the sway of the insurgency or grew disillusioned with the Afghan government to remain in the force.

“We have a very good vetting process,” a senior Special Operations official said. “What we learned is that you just can’t take it for granted. We probably should have had a mechanism to follow up with recruits from the beginning.”

From Greg Jaffe in the the Washington Post.

Attached timeline is unsettling.

6 responses to “Training Suspended for New Afghan Troops

  1. I bet the Taliban is wondering why they didn’t think of this years ago – it seems hugely effective at attriting national will.

  2. i wonder what the limiting factor was, both in OEF (to this point) and in OIF. even if the Taliban (or AQI, or whoever) didn’t think of it in the first place, it probably would have seemed like an obvious thing to do after the first few times that it happened on its own without their help.

  3. Ryan, you remember Rowdy Inman? He got killed by an Iraqi soldier.

    From a different perspective: the total sum of soldiers killed by green on blue is less than one month worth of suicides. No doubt it erodes national will, but only because …

  4. I saw in the news where Rowdy was shot in the back by one of the Iraqi guys in his patrol. The last time I saw him was at Ft Hood; I believe he was between deployments and had recently found religion.

    One of the PO guys relieving me was shot by his interpreter. The interpreter was pissed about something, set up his chest rack, shot Mark on the way to the TOC, shot some guys in the TOC, and was brought down by a CA guy with a pistol. Last I heard they denied all of the wounded and dead purple hearts because he was an interpreter and not a bad guy.

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