“Decoding the Syrian Propaganda War”

Last month, video emerged from the Syrian town of Tremseh showing scores of blood-sodden bodies of children and adults, some with cracked skulls and slit throats, all of them purported victims of the Syrian army. As the camera panned across the grisly tableau, an anguished commentator read out the names of the dead and cried, “God is greater!” The Syrian National Council, an umbrella rebel group, announced that 305 people had been killed, making Tremseh the gravest massacre of the fifteen-month-long uprising. Hillary Clinton decried this “indisputable evidence that the regime murdered innocent civilians,” and the United Nations issued its strongest condemnation of Syria to date.

But there was a problem-—no one had actually visited the town.

From Harpers.

One response to ““Decoding the Syrian Propaganda War”

  1. The media savvy being displayed in Syria is going to make a great case study in IO when it’s said and done. My money is on Mahdi Al-Harati as the horse to win, particularly for his ability to wield the media.

    Another interesting bit of media savvy is the killing of journalists that are reporting pro-Assad news (link below). It’s interesting (as a guy who thinks about UW alot) that the SNC and the FSA recognize that this is key in courting international sponsors.


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