If you shoot your own guys, stick around afterwards. (But not in the Guard.)

From the Army Times, in October of 2011:

A new investigation into the 2008 friendly fire death of Pfc. David Sharrett II in Iraq blasts the platoon leader who shot Sharrett and abandoned him as he lay dying, saying the officer displayed “serious personal judgment errors.”

After a botched pre-dawn raid, then-1st. Lt. Timothy Hanson left the battlefield on a helicopter while Sharrett and two of his soldiers were still missing, the report stated. Sharrett was found clinging to life at least 10 minutes after Hanson left.

The Post diagrammed the incident in some of their coverage.

(Click for larger image)

Yesterday afternoon, a mere four years after the fratricide took place,

Army Secretary John McHugh has revoked the Combat Infantryman Badge awarded to an officer who fatally shot a member of his squad, Pfc. David H. Sharrett, during a 2008 friendly fire incident in Iraq, an Army spokesman confirmed.

The officer, Capt. Timothy R. Hanson, is also being processed for separation from the Army after a review of his actions during the incident.

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