“Obey your conscience”

No soldiers were killed in the ambush, but Bowe blamed the screw-up on his superiors: “Because command where too stupid to make up there minds of what to do,” he wrote, “we where left to sit out in the middle of no where with no sopport to come till late mourning the next day.” He concluded his e-mail with a nod to the absurdity of the situation: “The end of the 8 hour mission that took five days, and so here i am. But Afghanistan mountains are really beautiful!”

By Michael Hastings in Rolling Stone, on how Bowe Berghdal went for a walk.

4 responses to ““Obey your conscience”

  1. i read this twice, and i still can’t figure out what Hastings tried to do here: is he writing between the lines that Bergdahl’s a deserter and a moron, or is he writing sympathetically and not getting his own story?

    does that mean i agree with Ralph Peters? and… it turns out that the Taliban LOL? this is some dogs and cats living together mass hysteria.

  2. I’m a little baffled myself, but the article is sort of status quo for Rolling Stone. It’s a shit rag attempting to appeal to aging hipsters with anti everything stories. I think in this case they are going for something like, “Bergdahl is a deserter, but it’s not his fault because his leadership was terrible, the military is inherently evil, and DoD is ruining the best presidential administration ever.

    That being said, my cousin was in his battalion and is of the opinion that he was not the best soldier. If the guy walked off the FOB because he had a philosophical difference of opinion with the war, then he is kind of getting what he wanted.

    During my own tenure in RC South we had an Obi Wun Kenobi sighting and everything stopped for the entire RC to search the area. A bunch of guys from 2ID were killed and wounded. For a guy who allegedly was throwing a tantrum. I’m 50% ‘fuck him for deserting, getting other guys killed or wounded, and derailing national policy, and fuck his hippy parents too,” and 50% “Americans should always, no matter what, be able to expect seal team 6 and Chuck Norris to kill the bad guys and rescue them. Even Bobby Fisher and Michael Moore.”

  3. I know, I saw the documentary. I was trying to think of Americans that really really hated America.

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