Changes to AR, PAM 623-3

Army Directive 2011-16 (pdf) is implemented with the release of the new AR 623-3 (Evaluation Reporting System) (CAC download) and DA PAM 623-3 (Evaluation Reporting System) (CAC download).

  • Blocks and profiles are back for O-3 and below
  • MSAF is required (but doesn’t mean anything?)
  • the 67-9-1 and -1a are optional
  • “future assignments” are now called “successive assignments”
  • some non-rated time stuff that made my eyes glaze over
  • they warn/threaten that the new OER is coming out this summer.

One response to “Changes to AR, PAM 623-3

  1. The best description I’ve seen of the officer promo system for the first decade of this century is “we’ll tell you how you’re doing after about year 15 or so” when the command list comes out. At least bringing blocks back helps. Still needs a lot of work.

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